110v LED Light Strip on 25M Reel - White LED-110v25M

110v LED Light Strip on 25M Reel - White

The CubeTECH LED Strip Light is a continuous flex of LEDs (180 per metre) encapsulated in a clear, hardwearing flexible plastic sheath. Assembled on a cable reel at lengths from 2m to 100m. The unit is highly portable and easy to install on any site by an unskilled operative. Unlike traditional floodlights that are sited at single locations around a work site the CubeTECH's flexibility enables the entire work area to be surrounded by a continual LED flex of light and thus is lit in it’s entirety. Due to this all round light emitting capability shadow and dark spots are greatly reduced or in many cases totally eliminated. As the work area reduces or expands the strip can be simply repositioned with ease. Due to the strips low power requirements it can be simply run from a transformer/generator supplied 110v or directly from its own portable battery pack. The CubeTECH LED Strip Light can be supplied with durable rubberised brackets that allows it to be attached to barriers, railings and surrounding structures.

High-Performance: Powerful 12.5W per meter LED strip lights with 1100lm brightness for bright industrial quality floodlight lighting in any situation. Convenient: No need for carrying a bulking tripod to site! With optional rubberised reusable brackets purchased separately, the strip to be quickly attached to barriers, railings or any surrounding structures without the need for surface damaging duct tape. Safe: IP65 Waterproof and durable for use in outdoor and indoor environments, including garden, garage, workshop and loft. Powered flood and spot lighting for outdoor security, camping, and BBQ parties. Available in 240v mains or 110v power options, allowing it to be simply from directly from a household mains socket or transformer/generator (please note 240v or 110v option when purchasing)

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LED-110v25M 110v 25m £283.00 £339.60

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