Tri Eco

Tri Eco

The TRI eco Trefoil Clamp is designed for cleating three single cables in a trefoil configuration where low to medium short circuit withstand levels are required. The range is covered by three sizes and covers cables from 24.0 to 66.0mm overall diameter . Glass fibre reinforced Polyamide provides high mechanical and chemical resistance. Designed to provide superior mechanical strength, ideal for installations where the cables are subject to short circuit rating. The width of the clamping-area provides a controlled pressure on the cable and avoids damage to the isolation. Fire resistant and resistant to UV radiation and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. No alteration of strength and signs of degrading within temperatures ranges from -40°C to +150°C. (Shortly up to +220°) Resistance to different amounts of radiation makes our products ideal for use in various areas of nuclear power plants. Its unique blend of chemical, electrical and physical properties makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications

• Cleating three single core cables in trefoil configuration where low to medium short circuit withstand levels are required
• Excellent weathering and corrosion resistance
• Fire and UV radiation resistant
• Excellent tensile strength
• Excellent stiffness

Standards: European Standard IEC 61914:2009
Mechanical Strength: TRIeco24-35 15.000N
TRIeco33-46 16.900N
TRIeco47-66 16.900N
TRIeco67-82 16.900N
Flame Resistance: UL94-V0
Temperature Range: -80°C to 120°C
Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyamide

Swipe table
Code Min Max (d0) (L) (B) (I) (H1) (H2) (h) Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
TRIeco24-35 24.0 35.0 11.0 136.0 70.0 101.0 54.0 - 78.0 20.0 35.0 £13.17 £15.80
TRIeco33-46 33.0 46.0 11.0 156.0 70.0 121.0 58.0 - 90.0 30.0 41.0 £13.96 £16.75
TRIeco47-66 47.0 66.0 13.0 205.0 70.0 170.0 80.0 - 120.0 38.0 51.0 £15.16 £18.19
TRIeco67-82 67.0 82.0 12.5 232.0 70.0 200.0 90.0 - 121.0 72.0 52.5 Call Call Contact Us

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