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Plastic Inspection Pit

Plastic Inspection Pit

Supplied complete with base, lid and two stainless steel allen-key locking bolts.
• Lockable Jam-Free Lid: Once installed the lid can be locked with the supplied allen-key bolts preventing vandalism. Once locked the design of the lid ensures debris cannot become jammed between the lid and surround.
• Screw Retention: Retention tabs on the underside of the lid prevent loss of screws while in storage or transit. The screws may also be used to lift the lid.
• Shatterproof Material: The high-performance polymer is significantly less brittle than concrete, reducing the likelihood of wastage due to breakages.
• Chemical Resistant: Resistant to most substances including petrol, diesel, oil, bitumen and concrete.
• UV Stable: UV additive minimising the effects of direct sunlight.
• Rod Locating Hole: Central 70mm diameter hole ensuring the earth rod is centrally positioned, simplifying the connection of earthing clamps.

Standards: BS EN 62561-5
Material: UV and Chemical Resistant Polymer

Swipe table
Code Description Load Rating (Kg) Weight (Kg) Hole Size Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
EPP205 Lightweight inspection pit with grey polymer lid 5,000.0 1.8 £23.40 £28.08
EPPC205 Lightweight inspection pit with concrete lid 1,200.0 7.5 £53.20 £63.84
PT004 5 hole copper earth pit bar 230 x 25 x 6 0.29 11.0 £26.51 £31.81

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