Cold Shrink Cable End Caps

Cold Shrink Cable End Caps

Cold End Caps environmentally seal and mechanically protect exposed cable ends using no tools, mastics or tapes. They are close-ended, tubular rubber sleeves that are factory expanded and loaded onto a removable core. When positioned over the end of a cable, or other cylindrical object, the core is removed to provide a reliable seal which protects your cable ends from environmental damage. They are easily installed and cleanly removable. Whether in transit from the manufacturer, stored in the cable yard, or in process in a trench, your cable ends are protected from exposure to moisture, contamination and corrosion.

•Accommodates cables ranges from 12.0mm – 80.0mm OD in four sizes
•No torches or heat required
•No hot work permits required
•Water resistant
•Resists acids and alkalis
•Resists fungus - ASTM G-21 28 days no growth
•Quick installation time
•Seals tight, retains resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure
•Simple and fast installation, no tools required

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 10050 KPa - ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation: 600% - ASTM D-412
Moisture Absorption 7 days @ 90°C in H2O: 3.0% wt. Gain
Die C tear: 28.3KN/m - ASTM D-624C-73
Material: EPDM
Colour: Black

Swipe table
Code Description Supplied Inner Diameter After Recovery Inner Diameter Pack QTY Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
CS-1 Cold Shrink Cable End Cap 20.9 11.6 10 £4.72 £5.66
CS-2 Cold Shrink Cable End Cap 28.0 16.0 10 £6.52 £7.82
CS-3 Cold Shrink Cable End Cap 54.0 23.0 5 £7.85 £9.42
CS-4 Cold Shrink Cable End Cap 80.0 45.5 10 5 £10.30 £12.36

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