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Flexible Copper Earth Braids

Flexible Copper Earth Braids

High grade flexible tinned copper flat and circular braid connectors. Stock ranges from simple earth strap/earth leads to complex heavy duty copper braid connectors for maximum conductivity and minimum voltage drop.

Material: High grade tin copper - Conforms to BS4109

Swipe table
Code Length Width Centres Fixing Hole Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
FEB100 114.0 6mm² 100.0 M6 £1.89 £2.27
FEB150 162.0 6mm² 150.0 M6 £3.02 £3.62
FEB200 230.0 25x3 200.0 M10 £5.40 £6.48
FEB300 330.0 25x3 300.0 M10 £6.63 £7.96
FEB400 430.0 25x3 400.0 M10 £7.89 £9.47
FEB600 630.0 25x3 600.0 M10 £14.39 £17.27

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