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MICC RPS Cable Seal Single Core Heavy Duty

MICC RPS Cable Seal Single Core Heavy Duty

RPS seals (commonly known as standard seal) are designed to be used in conjunction with Remora RGM cable glands.

Manufactured and tested to BS EN 60702-2:2002.
Certification: BS EN 60702-2:2002
Temperature Range: -20°C to 105°C

Swipe table
Code Cable Size Gland Size Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
RPS1H2.5 MICC1H2.5 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H4 MICC1H4 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H6 MICC1H6 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H10 MICC1H10 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H16 MICC1H16 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H25 MICC1H25 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H35 MICC1H35 M20 £1.94 £2.33
RPS1H50 MICC1H50 M25 £7.19 £8.63
RPS1H70 MICC1H70 M25 £7.19 £8.63
RPS1H95 MICC1H95 M25 £7.19 £8.63
RPS1H120 MICC1H120 M32 £17.39 £20.87
RPS1H150 MICC1H150 M32 £17.39 £20.87
RPS1H185 MICC1H185 M32 £17.39 £20.87
RPS1H240 MICC1H240 M40 £21.48 £25.78

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