MICC Cable 4H4.0mm2 - Red - Heavy Duty - 100m Drum MICC4H4-R

MICC Cable 4H4.0mm2 - Red - Heavy Duty - 100m Drum

Remora Mineral Insulated Cable is a copper sheathed cable, designed to safety transmit power and control signals of critical equipment.

Standards: BS EN 60702-1:2002
Temperature Range: Up to 1,083°C
Voltage: 750v
Conductors: Plain Annealed Copper (Cu-ETP-2)
Insulation: Compressed Magnesium Oxide (Mg0)
Sheath: Copper (Cu-DHP)
Sheath (optional): Coloured LSZH polymer
Colour: Bare Copper, Black, Orange, Red, White

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MICC4H4-R 4 13.1 608.0 25.0 25.0 51.0 542.0 £2,006.13 £2,407.36

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