M20s A2 ArmaKit Industrial Grade Low Smoke PGPA220SLS-UN

M20s A2 ArmaKit Industrial Grade Low Smoke

The ArmaKit® A2 Compression Gland is designed for use with unarmoured, elastometric and plastic cable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Seals on the cable sheath to IP66 if fitted with a sealing washer. An Integral polychloroprene environmental seal provides full protection against high power jets of liquid (IP66) and is 100% dust tight, an internal brass washer ensures the seal will not deform as the glands are torqued down. ArmaKit® A2 Glands are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor environments where moisture or dust exposure is anticipated.

• For indoor and outdoor use.
• Single-part handling.
• Precision manufactured from high quality extrusion brass.
• Supplied in kits containing;
• M16-M32 2 glands, 2 locknuts, 2 LS shrouds
• M40-M75 1 gland, 1 locknut, 1 LS shroud

Standards: EN 50262:1998, BS 6121-1:2005
Protection: IP54 IP66 (If fitted with sealing washer)
Temperature Range: -80°C to 80°C
Material (Gland): Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3   Material (Shroud): LS Polyvinyl-chloride

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