FiloSeal+HD 160mm FS+HD-160

FiloSeal+HD 160mm

• Flexible, one component, adhesive and sealing compound
• High levels of Gas and Water tightness
• Excellent adhesion, applicable to all common building materials
• Resistant against Water, Alkaline, Chemical agents
• Resistant to Rats
• Resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide / Methane and many other Gases (NedLab)
• Non corrosive
• Solvent free
• Non toxic, neutral and almost odourless
• Complies with ATEX regulations
• Suitable for any shaped duct / bore hole / opening
• Seals all known materials, PVC & PE sheathed cables, PILC, (HD) PE pipes
• Suitable for renovations, can be installed retrospectively

Density: 1.2 gr/cm²
Pressure: up to 2 bar
Pulling Force: 100kg
Flow: <2mm ISO 7390
Colour: Red-Brown
Skin Over Time: +-15minutes
Curing Time: 3mm / 24 hours
Hardness: *30 shore A - DIN 53505
100% - DIN53504
Tensile Strength: 0.8 N/mm² - DIN53504
Operating Temp: +5°C to 40°C
Temperature Resistance: -40°C to 120°C

Swipe table
FS+HD-160 280020 FiloSeal-HD 160mm Max 160.0 Ø 130 Max Up to 2 bar £178.04 £213.65

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