Marconite Soil Conditioning 25kgs sack MARC01

Marconite Soil Conditioning 25kgs sack

FurseCem is a granulated conductive medium designed to replace the conventional aggregate in concrete and thereby provide a medium with good electrical conductivity and high strength. This formulation of compound is widely know as ‘Marconite’ throughout the industry.

It can provide a permanent solution to problems in electrical/constructional situations. FurseCEM is a dark grey, granular material that replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials used within concretes mixes. It should be mixed in the ratio of 3 parts of FurseCEM to 1 part cement by weight with the addition of 1 litre of water per 5 Kg of total mix. FurseCEM forms a relatively dry material with an ‘as poured’ density of around 1300kg/m³. The water content may be adjusted as the application requires, but this will affect the concretes final compressive strength and the drying times accordingly. Typically FurseCEM concretes are touch dry within hours but can be several days before being fully cured.

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