052265A - M63s Armortex Ex Group 1 Mining & Group 2 Cable Gland 052265A

052265A - M63s Armortex Ex Group 1 Mining & Group 2 Cable Gland

The Armortex Gland, designed for hazardous areas EExde Group I / IIC, incorporates the MAC (Multi-Armour Captive Cone), providing an armour clamp and earth bond with Steel Wire, Braid and Tape armoured cables. The patented disconnect system allows inspection of the armour clamp and inner seal after assembly. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications the Armortex Gland provides an increased safety seal on the inner and outer cable sheath to IP68 if fitted with a sealing washer.
• For indoor and outdoor use in hazardous areas.
• Two-part handling, no loose parts.
• Seals the cable sheath to IP66 / IP68.
• Captive Cone and Ring enables use with Steel Wire, Braid and Tape.
• Extra long captive explosion proof seal ensures Built In Safety™.
• Gland can be used on Ex d enclosures greater than 2 litres in volume.
• Supplied complete with IP sealing washer.

Classification IECEx: Ex d I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex e I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex nR IIC Gc, Ex tb IIIC Db
ATEX: I M2, II 2G, II 2D, II 3G, Ex db I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex eb I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db

Protection: IP66 / IP68 (2m) IEC 60529
Temperature Range: -20°C to 95°C or -60°C to 160°C Extreme Temp. Seals
Material (Gland): Brass / Nickel Plated Brass
Material (Seal): Thermoset Elastomer

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