PVC Insulating Tape - Phase Kit

PVC Insulating Tape - Phase Kit

Our general purpose PVC insulation tape is commonly used in applications such as insulating of cable joints / terminations and the harnessing of cables, not forgetting cable identification in the harmonised colours. More specialist tapes, such as self amalgamating, water proof and warning tapes for underground application including underground tile tape are all standard to Remora.

Material: PVC Tape - Conforms to BS EN60454-2
Elongation: 125%
Tensile Strength: 20N/10mm
Dielectric Strength: 40kV/mm
Temperature Rating: 90°C
Resistance to Flame: Self Extinguishing

PVC Phase Kits include ;
2 x Black , Blue, Brown & Grey
1 x White, Green/Yellow

Swipe table
PVC-PHASE1 19.0 20.0 0.15 £8.24 £9.89
PVC-PHASE2 19 33.0 .015 Call Call Contact Us

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