Furse ESP M1 Enclosure System Protection

Furse ESP M1 Enclosure System Protection

WBX enclosures are used when your ESP protector(s) can’t be installed within the existing equipment panel or enclosure and for added protection in damp and dirty environments.

•Tough polycarbonate enclosures
•Weatherproof with IP resistance to dirt and water of IP56 or more
•Clear lid enables easy visual inspection of the protectors visual status indication (WBX 3, WBX 4, WBX D4, WBX 8, WBX D8, WBX M2, WBX M4)
•Grey lid for applications not needing regular protector inspection (WBX 2/G, WBX 3/G, WBX 4/GS, WBX 8/GS and WBX 16/2/G)
•For external CCTV and other installations requiring added security the WBX 4/ GS and WBX 8/GS are supplied with an opaque lid and special secure head screws (plus tool)
•Supplied complete with metal base (mounting) plate with pre-prepared mounting positions and fixing hardware for easy installation (except WBX 2/G which has a plain metal base)

Protection: IP65 / IP66 / IP67
Material: Polycarbonate
See Downloads Tab for full Datasheet, Fitting Instructions and DofC

Swipe table
WBX3 222.0 230.0 72.0 80.0 79.0 85.0 IP67 5414363086529 £50.37 £60.44
WBX4 246.0 255.0 171.0 180.0 119.0 125.0 IP66 5414363086543 £58.99 £70.79
WBXD4 200.0 123.0 112.2 IP65 5414363471349 £37.23 £44.68
WBXD8 200.0 195.0 112.0 IP65 5414363471356 £87.59 £105.11
WBXM2 254.0 280.0 254.0 280.0 115.0 130.0 IP67 5414363086567 £233.25 £279.90

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