Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack - Polypropylene

Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack - Polypropylene

Standard weight flexible polypropylene conduit. Flexible conduit is ideal for general use where limited mechanical protection is required. The flexible body facilitates easy installation with cornering and elbow options. The polypropylene material is Halogen free with a impact resistance of 320N.

• Pack consists of 10 meter of conduit and 10 straight fittings including 10 locknuts

Temperature Range: -5°C to 90°C
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Black
IP Rating: IP44

Swipe table
CON/POLY/16 Black 16.0 10 £8.13 £9.76
CON/POLY/20 Black 20.0 10 £8.13 £9.76
CON/POLY/25 Black 25.0 10 £9.80 £11.76
CON/POLY/32 Black 32.0 10 £38.98 £46.78

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