Galvanised Steel PVC Conduit Contractor Pack

Galvanised Steel PVC Conduit Contractor Pack

Galvanised Steel, helically wound flexible conduit with tough PVC coating. Ideal for general use where mechanical protection is required, commonly used in general factory wiring and connections to machinery. Metallic conduit systems offer higher compression strength than non-metallic. The flexible body facilitates easy installation with cornering and elbow options. Metallic conduit systems have superior protection and protection from electromagnetic interference and good mechanical abrasion resistance.

• Pack consists of 10 meter of steel conduit and 10 straight fittings including 10 locknuts.

Temperature Range: -50°C to 80°C
Crush Resistance: 1500N
IP Rating: IP54
Material: Galvanised Steel to DIN 53210
Standards: EN 50086

Swipe table
CON/GALV/PVC/20 20.0 17.0 21.0 10 £28.30 £33.96
CON/GALV/PVC/25 25.0 22.0 27.0 10 £57.51 £69.01

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