FCG Fixed Brass Conduit Glands

FCG Fixed Brass Conduit Glands

SoliFlex Metallic Straight conduit glands designed to be quick and simple to install.

• Fixed externally threaded straight conduit gland
• Two part fitting comprising shell and body with external thread
• This fitting can be inserted into a knockout and secured with a locknut

Temperature Range: -50°C to 300°C
Crush Resistance: 1500N
IP Rating: IP454 (when using SoliFlex PVC covered conduit)

Swipe table
FCG16 M16 x 1.5 16 £1.69 £2.03 Min order 10
FCG20 M20 x 1.5 20 £1.99 £2.39 Min order 10
FCG25 M25 x 1.5 25 £2.06 £2.47 Min order 10
FCG32 M32 x 1.5 32 £3.86 £4.63 Min order 10
FCG40 M40 x 1.5 40 £7.36 £8.83
FCG50 M50 x 1.5 50 £35.04 £42.05
FCG63 M63 x 1.5 63 £29.74 £35.69

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