Amendment 3 Wiring Regulations - A Cable Termination Solution For Non-combustible Consumer Units

Over the course of 2015 and 2016 the electricity industry faces changes to the regulations governing selection and installation practices concerning domestic Consumer Units. Amendment 3 to the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations calls for enhanced fire risk protection in these devices. Specifically, regulation 421.1.201 stipulates that enclosures be manufactured from a non-combustible material with the aim of containing any fire within the enclosure and minimise the risk of any flames escaping. To address the issue of cable entry into these enclosures and to assist installers and specifiers in conforming to the new directive, Remora Electrical have launched a comprehensive new range of cable glands and seals. The Remora GripLoc Consumer Unit range of glands are designed to ensure the integrity of the enclosure by creating a secure flame path barrier while providing optimum strain relief on the cable. Available in both Metal (Nickel Plated Brass) and Plastic (Nylon 66). Inserts can be supplied for multiple configurations ranging from 1.0mm² to 16mm² Flat Form cable and 16mm² to 25mm² Tails. Specially designed to fit in M20, M25 and M32 glands buyers can be confident they will be able to offer their customers the greatest chance of compatibility with Amendment 3 metal enclosure consumer units.

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ArmaKit Extrusion Brass Glands Take Cable Termination Standards To A New Level

Remora Electrical has fortified its reputation as an industry leader with the release of a new range of high quality extrusion brass cable glands. Economical while still adhering to the highest manufacturing standards, ArmaKit industrial cable glands are designed to provide functionality and safety in commercial and industrial environments. Manufactured using ultra-durable extrusion brass, the products are the final word when it comes to premium quality cable termination. The copper/zinc alloy provides the ultimate in mechanical resistance, with the premium range crafted from extruded brass produced to BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3. Andrew Gardner Product Development Manager said, “Compromising on quality can spell disaster for commercial and industrial sites. ArmaKit brass cable glands provide a cost effective solution which avoids the concessions that are typically made with ‘economy’ kits.” The products have been specially designed to terminate steel wire armour or braided cable, with options for both indoor and IP66 outdoor environments. The industrial grade products are suitable for use in a range of liquid and dust-free applications. Depending on individual site requirements customers can choose from two, three or four part steel wire armour compatible glands or a two part gland designed for use with screened flexible wire braid or wire braid armour cables. As standard, all kits are supplied with dip moulded LSF PVC shrouds tested to UL94 V1. The low-halogen compound material is soft and pliable which actively reduces the risk of smoke and toxic fume inhalation. This plays a pivotal role in helping public buildings and sites upkeep stringent health and safety requirements. Feedback from on-site workers has also indicated that the flexibility of the shrouds makes them markedly easier to install. All ArmaKit cable glands are supplied in pre-packaged kits for ordering and convenience of assembly. Each standard kit up to size M32 is made up of two glands, two locknuts, two earth tags and two PVC LSF shrouds. Products are encased in premium printed polyethylene bags, boxes and cartons which are shipped via express overnight courier in strong double-wall cartons.

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Remora Electrical Launches New Range of Ultra-Tough Nylon Cable Glands

A leading electrical accessories company is amplifying safety standards of instrumentation and automation systems with a comprehensive range of liquid-tight cable glands. GripLoc nylon cable glands are a convenient, safe and cost effective solution, offered exclusively for sale by Remora Electrical Limited. When it comes to quality cable termination GripLoc is the superlative choice. The premium cable glands are manufactured from ultra-tough nylon material which ensures they hold their own in heavy duty commercial and industrial environments. This ensures that the cables not only meet, but exceed international standards. Andrew Gardner Product Development Manager said, “Workplace health and safety is of paramount importance and it’s often the smallest things that can put workers most at risk. The new GripLoc range of glands offers commercial and industrial end users a definitive solution to installing mechanical cable entry devices that are safe, secure and reliable.” Thanks to their high degree of functionality and safety GripLoc cable glands are suitable for use in a myriad of applications. From light commercial use to heavy duty manufacturing machinery, the products offer the ultimate in safety, confidence and reliability. The in-house team of Remora Electrical engineers have worked tirelessly to embed the products with state-of-the-art features. A removable atmospheric membrane seal allows GripLoc fitted enclosures to be isolated during assembly or preparation of the cable. This eradicates the need for temporary plugs and allows for pre-fitment and sealing during the manufacture stage. After the final cable installation has been completed the membrane can be easily removed by applying pressure. For dynamic environments the Vibration-Lock system makes GripLoc cable glands a savvy choice. The positive ratcheting feedback technology ensures installations meet safety requirements and aren’t put at risk due to loosening of the termination. Thanks to the superior GripLoc seal the cable glands meet the strictest Ingress Protection requirements. A purpose-built channel lines the lip of the seal and uses interlocking retention tabs to prevent seal dislodgement from the gland body. As well as augmenting ‘pull-out’ resistance, this also reduces bulging and achieves a 100% water and dust tight interface with IP68 and IP69K ratings of over 10 bar. All GripLoc cable glands are supplied complete with a pre-fitted EPDM O-ring and locknut. This ensures that the products achieve the maximum Ingress Protection rating. For high intensity environments black GripLoc cable glands also offer UL F1 protection which meets both UV and immersion requirements. The cable glands are available in a selection of colours including black, grey, red and white. Customers can also choose from a range of configurations, from Metric M12 entry threads up to PG48.

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