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Heatshrink Cable Repair Sleeve 105.0mmHSRRS105

Heatshrink Cable Repair Sleeve 105.0mm

Adhesive lined, heatshrink wraparound repair sleeve comes complete with a flexible stainless-steel locking channel. This provides a permanent closure system. The heatshrink is covered with a thermochromatic paint which changes colour when achieving the correct shrink temperature.

• Wraparound heatshrink is easy to install in situ over live cable without cutting the cable or shutting down power.
• Used for general re-jacketing and sealing applications, and for protection of damaged cable or repair of cable joints.

Temperature Indicating Paint Colour Conversion:
150°C for 30 minutes - no change
250°C for 5 minutes - colour change
Dielectric Strength: 12 kV/mm min
Temperature Range: -30°C to 70°C
Shrink Temperature: +120°C
Tensile Strength: 17.5 N/mm² min
Tensile Strength After Heat Ageing: 500 hours @ 120°C - 15 MPa min
Elongation: 300% min
Elongation After Heat Ageing: 500 hours @ 120°C - 200% min
Material: Cross-linked Polyolefin
Colour: Black

Swipe table
Code ID Max Before Shrink Min After Shrink Shrunk Wall Thickness Colour Length (m) Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
HSRRS105 105.0 30.0 2.3 Black 1 £70.87 £85.04

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