CCG Quick Stop EX-F M25s Gland Cable Dia: 11.5-17.5mm Brass055022A-UN

CCG Quick Stop EX-F M25s Gland Cable Dia: 11.5-17.5mm Brass

The Quick StopEx-F Compression Barrier Gland is designed for use with unarmoured, elastomeric and plastic cables in indoors, outdoors and Group II hazardous areas. Quick StopEx-F resin forms a 100% barrier seal between the individual cores of the cable and an elastomeric displacement seals on outer sheath.
• For indoor and outdoor use in hazardous areas.
• Inspectable compound and flameproof chamber.
• Instantly mixed and injected Quick Stop-Ex resin.
• Seals the cable outer sheath and around cable conductors to IP66 / IP68.
• Prevents explosive gases propagating through the cable.
• Precision manufactured from high quality brass.
• Supplied complete with IP sealing washer.

Hazardous: IECEx: Ex d IIC Gb, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex nR IIC Gc, Ex tb IIIC Db

Classification ATEX: II 2G, II 2D, II 3G, Ex db IIC Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex nR IIC Gc

Certification: IECEx ITA 12.0014X IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-1, IEC 60079-7
IEC60079-15, IEC60079-31
ATEX TUV 13ATEX7397X EN 60079-0, EN60079-1, EN60079-7, EN 60079-31
ATEX TUV 13ATEX7422X EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7

Protection: IP66 / IP68 (2m) IEC 60529
Temperature Range: -20°C to 95°C / -30°C to 120°C Extreme Temp Seals
Material (Gland): Brass / Nickel Plated Brass
Material (Seal): Thermoset Elastomer or Extreme Temperature Seals, Quick setting, Barrier Resin

Swipe table
Code Min (B) Max (B) Length (L2) Max (I) Max Over Core Max Cores Entry Thread (C) Length (L1) Exc. VAT Inc. VAT
055022A-UN 11.5 17.5 54.0 17.3 15.5 20.0 M25 x 1.5 15.0 Call Call Contact Us

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