Magic Gel

Magic Gel

Magic Gel is a two component gel with very high dielectric, fast cross linking, thermal and sealing characteristics, contained in two bottles: the needed quantity of the two components is poured in the small container in the range of 1:1, then mixed with the supplied mixing spoon and poured in the particular to fill.

• It gives a degree of protection higher than IP68
• Non toxic and safe
• Fast in cross linking (<10’), without temperature increase
• It cross links also at low temperature
• Low viscosity
• Re-enterable also after long working periods
• Without shelf-life
• For installation up to 1kV
• Dielectric strength: >23 kV/mm

Standard: BS EN 62305-3 / BS EN 50164-5

Swipe table
MG300 2 Bottles Only 300ml £13.74 £16.49
MG1000 2 Bottles, 1 Mixing Container, 1 Mixing Spoon 1000ml £34.00 £40.80
MG2000 2 Bottles, 1 Mixing Container, 1 Mixing Spoon 2000ml £69.34 £83.21
MG10000 2 Tanks, 1 Mixing Container, 1 Mixing Spoon 10000ml £320.00 £384.00

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